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Evanescent Luxe Set (#613) Beach Blonde - Locks De Luxe
Evanescent Luxe Set (#613) Beach Blonde - Locks De Luxe

Evanescent Luxe Set (#613) Beach Blonde


Give main character energy with the natural charm of this classically iconic pigment. Glowing from beginning, middle to end, its seductive light yellow tones shine like a bright summer day.


  • 1 x 20" Luxe Clip In Set (160g)
  • 1 x 22" Luxe Ponytail (100g)

Instantly upgrade your look and get ready to conquer the day with the Evanescent Luxe Set! Made from high quality remy human hair, this set includes one set of 20" clip in extensions (160g) and one 22" ponytail extension (100g) for trendy, effortless styling with tons of volume and length. Instal in minutes and take down in seconds - live free and flaunt the look you want.

Clip Ins Application:

  1. Starting at the lowest point of your hairline, create a part on the lower back of your head using your index finger, or a tail comb for more precision. Clip the remaining hair firmly on top of your head to keep it out of the way as you attach the Clip Ins
  2. Begin attaching your Luxe Clip In Hair Extensions along the part by taking the first weft from your pack and make sure it's wide enough to sit along the back of your hairline. Open all the clips so they're ready to be inserted into your hair.
  3. Insert the opened center clip of the wider hair weft just below the parting. Make sure the clip is attached to your hair and not your scalp. Snap the clip shut to secure it, and repeat with the remaining clips.
  4. Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting by combing down a layer of hair. Leave about half an inch or so between each weft layer, and secure the extra hair on top of your head each time.
  5. Insert the remaining clip in rows by repeating the previous steps and process with a new part above each extension row.
  6. Once all the clip in rows are attached, check that all the clips are secure against your head. If there are any gaps, snap the clip open, lift it off the hair, and reposition it so the weft lies flat.
  7. Position the four side pieces to frame your face and blend with your own hair.
  8. To remove your Luxe Clip in Hair Extensions, begin by gently detangling your hair with a brush and then snap open all the clips and gently lift them up and away from your hair. Always open the clips before attempting to remove a weft

Ponytail Application:

  1. Brush your natural hair into a slick ponytail
  2. Unroll the velcro on the ponytail accessory and insert the 3 point pin into the top of your natural ponytail closes to your heads surface
  3. Wrap the velcro around your natural ponytail and secure the velcro using the strap
  4. continue to wrap the hair of the strap around the ponytail until all the velcro is covered
  5. Use hairspray and bobby pins as needed to secure and complete the style

Store in a cool dry place when not using.

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